Grateful but not complacent

It’s puzzling how many in a bid to be content or avoid being labeled “overly zealous” choose to be situated in a zone called “Comfort”.

For the records, it appears to me that we perhaps are not taking a cue from bible Characters like Daniel. See what he said at some point in His career if I might borrow that term from contemporary times. “I Daniel understood by books”.(paraphrased)

Although addressing this statement within context; he was talking about the captivity issue of his people. However, it is instructive that Daniel was a studious person. A little journey back in time to how he was among the few selected, how he excelled and was found ten times better in ALL matters; further buttresses that this Daniel although privileged to be among the select few worked his way by his choices, decisions among other things to be different from the pack. It is therefore not a surprise how he remained relevant for such a long time.

While Daniel was grateful to have have been selected (even if this was not emphasized in the actual story), every other thing that happened after then was reliant on his choices and decisions to mention but a few. So the big question is; what choices and decisions are we making today; and do they have the potential to move us forward? Selah
To be continued

 ©️Victor Ogungbe


A journey filled with gratitude but not laden with complacency is such that has a semblance with that of Bible characters like Joseph.

Ever wondered how convenient it would be to transit from being the most favored and the person with the most spiritual insight in the room; only to end up as a slave. Oh “Yes” that was the story of Joseph just Incase you never saw it that way.

And for emphasis, Joseph never complained. Never went around organizing pity parties nor trading blames particularly upwards (To God). “Yes” the change never came over the night, but it eventually came. 

So I agree that you have waited for what seem like eternity for the fulfillment of that promise or actualization of that vision. However, It is wiser to add to that equation some level of intentionality especially in your approach to life on a daily basis.

A wise man once said; “a faith that depends entirely on God to deliver everything is an irresponsible faith”.

To be continued…

©️Victor Ogungbe


Grateful but not Complacent

With a careful look at life is the discovery that one’s life is often faced with the difficult yet expedient decision of striking a balance. For instance; the balance between staying grateful for blessings and increases yet refusing to be laid back.

Don’t get me wrong; thanksgiving remains a very potent force in this kingdom. Our emphasis is keeping things in their proper perspective. And by now it is not news that it is convenient to in the guise of being content refuse to press towards the mark.

A look at people who made marks through history reveals that although they had major breakthroughs; they never stopped pressing. Both in the face of challenges and conquering.

In essence; to enjoy the reality of a path that shines brighter and brighter; while we are grateful for each phase, we cannot be complacent. Welcome to November!

To be continued…

©️Victor Ogungbe


Keeping an un-biased record is one thing among others that I have come to discover that separates God from man. In a world where people hold different positions on different matters. Sentiments and even twisted perspectives to scriptures. God remains stable.

Little wonder the book of Hebrews captured it like this “Jesus Christ the same yesterday; today and forever”. Within the context of our discuss as I make to wrap-up; God has always been a God of principles and He is not about to turn the tables.

So if a person sows to the flesh the reward is certainly not Spirituality (see Galatians 6:7-8). To marry all these thoughts on “Seed time and Harvest” together; we must understand and appreciate that as much as there is grace available as well as every other reason we give to do whatever pleases us or seem good to us. At the end of the day; God is just too just to allow anybody draw out of life anything other than what such a person had invested. 

The good news is; accepting Christ changes the formulae but after we have accepted Him; what kinds of a seeds are we sowing? Beware of the seeds you sow; because on the day of harvest, don’t expect any reward different from what you had put in the ground.

©️Victor Ogungbe


There is no such thing as; “whatever I have done is done, and has no consequence”. Just scrolling through the pages of scriptures, books and observing the happenings around me, I have come to discover that you ONLY get out of life what you invest into it.

If for instance due diligence is lacking in a person’s approach to work (and by this I mean any honorable work) it is practically impossible to reap the reward of dignity.

Also, investing in talking other people down; setting traps and tirelessly seeking for their downfall whatever nature it takes never ends well. Should you be in doubt; the story of how Daniel’s accusers ended in the book of Daniel buttresses this.

“As long as the earth remains; seed time and harvest shall not cease”. For the records; that was God speaking. And may I quickly point out that He is so just, that He keeps an un-biased record of all that we do.

To be continued…
©️Victor Ogungbe


With the mention of the name Mephibosheth comes the desire to enjoy the order of favour he enjoyed from King David; that secured him a permanent seat at the king’s table, and glorified him despite his ridiculing condition.

Here is not the place to embark on a digging deep into the Bible session. However, I want to establish that the only reason why Mephibosheth who for the records was the son of Jonathan found favour in the sight of David was for the roles that Jonathan his father had played in the life of David when he was; “a no body”.

The Big question would then be; how do we treat the people who we get to inter-face with from day to day and phase to phase of our lives? Please understand that the position that you hold today or the privileges that you enjoy today is only possible by the mercies of God. We can however decide to look down and treat lightly other people who do not seem like it; or we can be wise enough to treat them with some level of honor. Always bear in mind; you can only get out of life; what you invest into it- what are you investing?

To be continued…
©️Victor Moses. O


Central to the question “How can this be?” Is the understanding of the fact that for every prophetic word; there is the “God’s perspective”. To say this another way, for everything God says to man; there is a laid out procedure in God on how it would be fulfilled.

Top on God’s procedure is obedience (Knowing what He would have you do, and doing it), followed by Faith (unwavering believe in His capacity to deliver) and Patience( understanding that God is a God of process who makes all things beautiful in His time). I am not suggesting that the above is all exhaustive with respect to the delivery of God’s promises; however if the afore-mentioned are adhered to, delivery of promises in God is without fail guaranteed!
In closing, God is not a man, to this extent; He never needs a contingency plan. For all that He says, He had settled; all we need to do is follow Him closely enough that we may enter into the reality.
©️Victor Moses. O


What then is God’s credibility someone might ask? While it might be convenient to give a dictionary definition or some sort of theory on credibility as correctly propounded by some notable scholar; I rather that we considered the experience Ezekiel had in the valley of dry bones as captured in the book of Ezekiel.

What happened that day was more like God asking Ezekiel of the possibility of the resurrection of actual dry bones. And Ezekiel said; “God I believe you are all knowing”. On the surface it might not look like a logical response but this response among other things in the realm of the Spirit is a pointer to the credibility of God.

In other words, Ezekiel was saying although I do not know how possible it is for these dead bones to live again; however, from what I know of You Lord, Your response to the same question would always be different from what I think. One more installment and we would be done with this subject but to bring today’s discuss home,I would like to point out that the question “HOW CAN THIS BE?” In the face of a prophetic word is always man’s perspective. The onus therefore lies on us to approach every promise from “God’s Perspective”

To be continued…
©️Victor Moses. O


Perhaps, like Gideon in the book of Judges; you have made a careful assessment of your life and as far as being realistic with yourself is concerned, you don’t see (at least from where you stand), how you would arrive at the picture God is painting.
This is not some form of sensual motivation but I would like to establish that: “The fact that a promise from God does not pass the practicability test, does not make it impossible for God to fulfill”. For instance, how else do you explain the selection of Gideon; the last from the weakest clan in town to undertake such a revolutionary assignment. And to make matters worse, God decided to use only three hundred of thirty-two thousand soldiers.
In another installment we would address some other issues but before then, please put this to heart: “ the fact that the odds appears against you as of the time God makes a promise, does not mean that the promise is not deliverable”.
To be continued…
©️ Victor Moses. O


For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. (James 2:26)

The truth remains that no matter how potent and reliable a word of prophecy is; when not fought for, it does not get fulfilled-in other words; FAITH TRIGGERED STEPS. It is interesting how that talking and folding our hands does not deliver but believing and taking strategic steps in line with our believe does.
Please understand, that Faith triggered steps has the capacity to dis-arm negative prophecies and empower positive prophecies for delivery. I believe we are familiar with the stories of Jabez in I Chronicles 4, King Hezekiah in Isiah 38 to mention but a few of such instances; where there was what matches a negative prophecy but by the faith triggered steps they took; we saw an instant reversal.
I believe we are also familiar with how that Faith triggered steps empowered the children of Israel (not the perverse generation) to take delivery of the promised land. I wish time would permit for an exposition on how this unbeatable force of faith serves as fuel for the arrival of prophecies in this Kingdom; but I have an assurance that the Little we have shared in the last four weeks would be breathed upon by the Holy Spirit.
From today; we receive un-usual grace and corresponding wisdom to effectively play our role with respect to every prophetic word hanging over our destinies in Jesus name. (Amen).
©️Victor Moses. O