Stability in the Storm 3

For the vision is for an appointed time, though it tarry, wait for it, it would not tarry. (Paraphrased)

“Wait” in Habakkuk 2:3 is indicative of stability regardless. Truth is, God’s promise(s) doesn’t manifest magically.

Matter of fact, with God, it’s often a journey with bumps designed to test character and validate the individual’s election by Grace among other things.

People who arrive at a fame or fortune delivered on a platter, often lack the ability to sustain it.

The concept “election by grace” isn’t a walk in the park because every divine selection requires a stewarding. And storms are one of the channels through which a man elected by Grace is processed, proven, certified, and further elevated.

This process is repeated for every one on a journey with God but at different degrees.

Time won’t permit us to capture all the relevant examples here but I could point you to few. David for instance.

He started off in what appeared as an underdog emerging as God’s elect. But when he showed up before Saul and ultimately Goliath, we caught a glimpse of his résumé or should I say, storm experiences.

To be continued…

Prayer: Dear Lord, grant me the grace to be stable enough to make You proud always.

References: Proverbs 24:10: Hebrews 11:8-12, Hab 2:3; I Sam 16 & 17

©️Victor Ogungbe 2022

Stability in the Storm 2

Do you know what it’s like to wait for the manifestation of a promise?

Well, Father Abraham experienced this first hand.

Recall, that Abraham, is the father of Faith. And if not for access to the whole story, we could have wondered how someone who had a rough ride especially with the core of his promise, is the father of Faith.

Abraham’s journey is proof that, storms are the true test of strength, character, and stability. And only when these have been proven do authentic heroes emerge.

I reckon that Abraham had his low moments but never did He camp there. Effectively, nothing ever took the place of the promise in His heart.

His eyes were set like a flint. In essence, to weather the storms of life, your focus should be on the promise and not the problem.

Problems however complex are temporal but rest assured, the promises hanging over your destiny would ultimately speak.

To be continued…

Prayer: Father, empower me to weather the storms of life.

References: Proverbs 24:10: Hebrews 11:8-12, II Corinthians 4;18

©️Victor Ogungbe 2022

Stability in the Storm

Nobody desires a storm whatever form it takes.

However, storms can’t be wished nor prayed away.

Although each person’s storm is peculiar to their journey, such moments are never a walk in the park.

A storm is an event, a condition or an experience that disrupts or distorts an aspect or the entirety of a person’s journey.

Think about it, even the heros of faith in the bible had one of such moments in their lives.

So the question is, of what significance are storms and what does it take to stay unperturbed in the face of the storm?

May you march through every storm with the fortitude required to emerge a victor.

Welcome to August. May what is left of this year be nothing short of glorious in Jesus’ name. (Amen)

To be continued…

Prayer: Father, help me to recognise Your power at work in me in the face of the storm in Jesus’ name.

Reference: Proverbs 24:10

©️Victor Ogungbe 2022

Cowardly Isn’t Godly 4

Your response to the question “what drives you?” Speaks to your core.

The exploits of the different characters through scriptures as captured in Hebrews 11 isn’t a myth.

If you know anything about God, you would recognise that He is CONSISTENT. In essence, we ought to produce same results and some even today.

Sadly, only a few today are driven by conviction. Majority display excitement that never translates into actions.

Exploit in this Kingdom is premised on conviction.

When timidity is mistaken for humility, fear for caution, and hypocrisy for loyalty, exploits becomes unattainable.

To do greater works, faith is required. Please recognise that faith is conviction driven and courage motivated.

There would always be legitimate reasons why you shouldn’t be all that God has designed you for.

But courage is how you step out each day in the strength of God and with the consciousness that, faithful is He who drafted you in and He is able to see you through regardless.

The end.

Prayer: Father, beyond excitement, help me run with convictions and grant me access to results that glorifies your name.

References: Revelations 21:8; I Corinthians 10:11; Daniel 11:32b; John 14:12; I Thessalonians 5:24

©️Victor Ogungbe 2022

Cowardly Isn’t Godly 3

Change is good but recognising your core is how you determine which to embrace.

It is common knowledge that, a man that doesn’t stand for something would fall for anything.

A lack of conviction and by extension courage is why many comply with any and every ideology or theology.

Make no mistake, a compliance with every ideology or theology isn’t always the test of true loyalty nor is it a sign of wisdom.

Those who readily comply with everything they hear without asking questions aren’t able to stay on course when the storms of life arises.

The invitation to sons to “reason with God” in Isaiah is proof that God desires us to understand our big “why” so that we can have the courage to swim against the tides if and when necessary.

The level of hypocrisy in our world and sadly within the church today is because many aren’t conviction driven.

What drives you?

To be continued…

Prayer: Father, help me to stay true to my identity in You regardless. And may my life bring glory to Your name.

References: Revelations 21:8; I Corinthians 10:11; I Sam 17:20-51; Isaiah 1:18

©️Victor Ogungbe 2022

Cowardly Isn’t Godly 2

“But the cowardly, …. shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.” (paraphrased)

Revelation 21 blew me away. It instantly dawned on me that courage is non- negotiable in every attempt to please God and live purposefully.

Have you noticed that every character worthy of emulation through scripture demonstrated courage?

Recall, that these ones were given to us as ensamples. To emphasize what is required to please God and leave a mark in the sands of time.

When actions are triggered by convictions, destiny happens.

David won’t be referred to as “a man after God’s heart” if he was intimidated by the condescending approach of his elder brother, the sentiments of Saul and the size of Goliath.

Only when you can’t be deterred by the voice of fear, sentiment and intimidation are you truly courageous.

To be continued…

Prayer: Father, I receive the grace and courage to constantly run with your every Word.

References: Revelations 21:8; I Corinthians 10:11; I Sam 17:20-51

©️Victor Ogungbe 2022

Cowardly Isn’t Godly

Until your convictions becomes the trigger for your actions, you are not truly courageous.

The account of the Hebrew boys in Daniel 3 is one that excites us but at the core of their actions was a conviction.

Ours’ is a generation where fewer persons have the courage to follow through on anything. And by the way, seeing things through is accompanied with taking responsibility come what may.

It is sad how most attempt at courage even in church is labelled overzealousness, arrogance, rudeness and so on.

Have you ever wondered why the Hebrew boys addressed king Nebuchadnezzar in such audacious tone?

I won’t pretend to have fully unpacked this but it’s evident that conviction drove them.

So, the question is, what drives you? Fear, men pleasing, timidity or Faith.

God’s desire is for our actions to be motivated by our believe in Him, the leading of His Spirit and the efficacy of His Word.

To be continued

Prayer: Father, as you lead me, grant me the grace to follow through regardless.

References: Revelations 21:8; Daniel 3:8-18

©️Victor Ogungbe 2022

The Art of Trust 4

Every claim of trust in God would be tested.

The puzzling part is that each individual’s test is as weighty as the assignment hanging over his destiny.

If in doubt, ask Abraham, Isaac, Daniel, the Hebrew boys, David, Paul, Jesus to mention but a few.

God’s promise never delivers on a platter. And trust is how you stay on course long enough to receive a crown.

To trust God, we must not forget that, “He is called Faithful and True” for a purpose.

In essence, no matter how painful your journey of trust is, your responsibility is to hold on because God always delivers on His promises.

May you believe God enough to hold on to His every Word like your life depends on it because it does.

The end.

Prayer: Father, no matter how challenging it gets, help me to hold on to You with all my heart.

References: Proverbs 3:5-6; Psalm 125:1-2; Revelation 19:11

©️Victor Ogungbe 2022

The Art of Trust 3

“Those who trust in the LORD Are like Mount Zion, Which cannot be moved, but abides forever.”

I reckon that it isn’t easy and sometimes, it’s beyond comprehension how despite your relationship with God and commitment to His Kingdom, certain prayers remain unanswered.

The truth is until you recognise that you can’t arm twist God into delivering what you interpret as answers, you don’t trust Him.

Although this Kingdom runs by principles, God is sovereign and He delivers based on His unique agenda for each individual.

This understanding should steer us in the path of humility which is an offshoot of trust.

Not every unanswered prayer is as a result of sin, a curse, an enchantment or the Prince or Persia (like in the case of Daniel).

Often times, it is simply a case of God’s thoughts of good overriding any other agenda.

Trust is summed in your ability to hold on to God’s every Word, especially when it doesn’t look like it.

To be continued…

Prayer: Father, as I journey with You, help me not to be distracted nor discouraged.

References: Proverbs 3:5-6; Psalm 125:1-2; Daniel 10:12-13

©️Victor Ogungbe 2022

The Art of Trust 2

“Our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and He will deliver us from your hand, O king.”

I would not pretend to have attained the level of Faith of these guys. The ones popularly referred to as the Hebrew boys.

However, there is something they knew that made them take such posture. They had heard of the many times that God had rescued His children especially in the most hopeless situation.

And for them, that was enough to put their lives on the line when they found themselves in a dilemma.

It wasn’t as though they had seen God face to face because God is in fact Spirit. However, they had carefully observed the nature and character of God enough to reach the conclusion that; He is credible, reliable, all powerful, unlimited, sovereign, consistent and so on.

A conclusion I believe we must also reach to trust God truly.

A person who primarily relies on logic, his abilities and his senses hasn’t embraced trust. The true test of our trust in God is captured in “absolute reliance”.

To be continued

Prayer: Father, help me to understand what trust in You entails no matter my reality.

References: Proverbs 3:5-6; Daniel 3:1-30

©️Victor Ogungbe 2022