I know that you might be at a place where you cannot reconcile what seems like a God given assignment; with the challenges you are experiencing. But rest assured, there is glory on the path that you are on. Please hold on.

Something else that puts us in a difficult position on the path of assignment is how sometimes, those we are sent to might not give reception nor show appreciation. While this could be a bitter pill to swallow, we must like Joseph, refuse to take offence and do what needs to be done as unto God.

Remember, the fact that God instructed you to undertake a task does not mean that it would be a walk in the park. It also does not mean that every single day would be exciting. What is certain  however is that assignment guarantees fulfilment, and always ends in glory after all is said and done.

As we approach the assignments particular to our lives, we must remember that at the core of every assignment is responsibility and sacrifice both of which are not necessarily convenient.

The good thing is, we can glean from Jesus’ posture, square our shoulders and take on whatever assignment God has given regardless.

May we be diligent enough to tirelessly pursue all that God has committed into our hands in Jesus name. 

The End.

Scriptural Reference: John 9:4

Prayer: Father, may I never lack the needed motivation to undertake my assignment to a conclusive finish in Jesus name.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021


One example  that I consider relevant  to our discuss is that of Joseph.

The Joseph story has several approach that is in fact relevant to a believers’ journey. Then with a closer look, we would discover that there is also the aspect of him being on assignment. Although this played out in the most unpleasant way.

I am referreing to how his assignment was such that caused him to be hated by the very people he was sent to add value to.

Subsequently, these people arranged his abduction, contemplated his execution and ultimately sold him into slavery.
What intrigues me about the Joseph narrative is how it was summarised in the book of Acts:

“Now a famine and great trouble came over all the land of Egypt and Canaan, and our fathers found no sustenance.”

“Then Joseph sent and called his father Jacob and all his relatives to him, seventy-five people.”

God knew that a famine was coming that had the capacity to wipe out His chosen people. So, He sent Joseph on a rescue assignment prior to the famine.
It beats me how someone with such a heavy backing from heaven would go through the level of pain, heart break, disgrace, and suffering that Joseph went through.

The sensitivity of Joseph’s assignment, what his life’s journey symbolizes among other things proves that; running with heaven’s agenda, doesn’t eliminate challenges.

However, the good news is, it always ends in glory!

To be continued 

Scriptural Reference: Acts 7:11;14

Prayer: Father, regardless of how discouraging the journey of my assignment might seem, empower me to stay on course.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021


I am aware that one approach to “assignment” is to define it as; “xyz”. However, I would leave that for the classroom and instead approach it from an angle that we can relate with.

I have discovered that one of the concepts that is largely controversial in the body is that of assignment. The funny thing is, a mindset of the pulpit and church related activities have been closely tied to the concept of assignment, leaving many uncertain about it.

A look at scriptures which is the grundnorm for us as Believers, and we would find that assignment is simply  “responsibility assigned with an intent that a person adds value to others and while he is at it, bring glory to the name of God”.

Take a look at every name mentioned in Hebrews 11 and you would find that although none of these guys’ journey was an all time smooth one, they had this in common; they made heaven proud and brought their generation into something they never could have entered into if they didn’t play their roles.

So think about it, what is that thing you have always had the tug in your Spirit to do, and all you are waiting for, is a perfect situation.

I hate to announce this, but there is no such thing as a perfect situation when it comes to assignments. The instances we would consider after now, would shed more light on this.

To be continued 

Scriptural Reference: John 9:4

Please Say This Prayer By Faith: Heavenly Father,  help me to see beyond challenges in every task you have assigned to me in Jesus name.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021


If we decide to take a survey, we would find, that everyone who today is regarded as someone with remarkable result;  didn’t find it very convenient from the get go.

I don’t know about you but for everytime God commits something into my hands, I have always had to draw the strength to carry on from no other person but from Him (more on this as we go).

Let’s be frank, our lives would be nothing but passive and without any remarkable impact, if we are a people with zero input as far as “assignments” are concerned.

I also need to add, that “assignments” within the context of this Kingdom, is not limited to the pulpit or faith based activities. Rather, assignments revolves around everything that God wired you for. Especially for the greater purpose of adding value to others. And while you are at this, establishing His Kingdom here on earth.

This series would take a dive into the concept of “assignments”, it’s nature and dynamics and what our attitude must be to make the best of our assignments regardless.

I am glad we made it to the second half of this year, May we enjoy the mercies of God in this second half in Jesus name (Amen)

To be continued 

Scriptural Reference: John 9:4

Please Say This Prayer By Faith: Father, please grant me the grace to take on every thing you have assigned to me in Jesus name.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021


One all time consistent scripture when it comes to the subject of “approach”, with respect to making procurement by “faith” is James 2:21.

It is rendered like this; “Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son on the altar?”

A closer look at this scripture and you would discover that as far as the instruction to sacrifice Isaac was concerned, it was pursued to a conclusive end. This because Abraham made all the moves required for that sacrifice. And if not for God’s last minute “stand down” order, there was no stopping Abraham.

Another place in scripture gave further insight into Abraham’s motivation. He believed God had the capacity to raise Isaac from the dead. Such conviction!

So the question is, what have you been trying to procure by Faith and what moves or corresponding actions have you taken to actualize it? While this question is largely rhetorical, I believe it should form the basis for us all to check our posture with respect to “Faith”.

I believe you must have figured that the subject of “Faith” in this Kingdom is non-negotiable, so the earlier we started taking baby steps in order to master it’s operations, the better for us.

In summary, our moves, posture, disposition, attitude among others like them is what our “approach” is about. And “approach” determines whether or not making procurement by faith would be possible. 

It is my prayer, that regardless of how intense things around us gets, we would not take our eyes off the ball. Which in this case is “Jesus”. 

Hebrews 12 brings it home; looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith,…

The end.

Scriptural References: James 2:21; Hebrews 11:19; Hebrews 12:2

Say This Prayer By Faith: Father, strengthen my heart to pursue your every instruction to a conclusive finish in Jesus name. (Amen)

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021


My guess is, most people’s response to the question;  if they are ready to “engage” in order to make procurement by faith, is likely to be “Yes”. However, I have found that answering in the affirmative alone, does not qualify anyone for results.

The woman with the issue of blood earlier referenced, is an example of someone who beyond hearing all about what Jesus could do, squared her shoulders and did all that needed to be done to secure her miracle.

Without a doubt, Faith is never a hoax. Our approach many times than not, is why it does not produce as expected. 

Talking about “approach”, one of the wives of the sons of the Prophet in II Kings 4, is another example of someone who regardless of how illogical it appeared, followed the instruction of Prophet Elisha and was able to settle her husband’s Creditor. 

The bible and the testimonies of people around us today attests to the possibilities domicile in a life of faith. And central to enjoying these possibilities is something I had alluded to initially-approach.

To be honest, when it comes to the subject of faith, “approach” is everything. I have found that; the more we press into God, the more we understand Him and the more we understand Him, the greater our capacity to trust Him even when it does not appear logical. It would interest you that; procurement in this Kingdom, is dependent on the degree of trust in God.

I know I have not said much about “Approach” and it is intentional. Let’s just say, I am saving the best part for the final instalment.

To be continued 

Scriptural Reference: James 2:20

Please Say This Prayer By Faith: Father, please show me what moves I must make to access the benefits in You.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021


When it comes to making procurement by faith, one of the mistakes people make, is to equate a believe in God to something that doesn’t require any corresponding action to deliver.

However, the life of the woman with the issue of blood is a grand example of how just about anything can be procured in this Kingdom when “believe” is matched with “corresponding action”.

Although the bible did not give all the details as per what preceeded her encounter with Jesus, one can make certain deductions that would be safe.
First, she believed that Jesus had what it took to heal her, despite her many failed attempts with physicians for twelve years. And her believe, necessitated her stepping out of her house that day.

Then on getting to the arena considering that it was a public place, with mammoth crowd, she figured that having an audience with Jesus was unrealistic and concluded that all she needed to do was touch the hem of His garment to secure her healing.

I believe you know how that story ended- she procured her miracle. Listen to what Jesus said afterwards; “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace, and be healed of your affliction.” In essence, your faith just paved way to an end of your reproach.

Suffice to say, that this Kingdom operates essentially on principles and accessing just about anything is possible to the degree we are willing to engage. 

Are you willing to engage?

To Be Continued…

Scriptural Reference: Mark 5:25-34

Please Say This Prayer By Faith: Father open my eyes to what I need to do per time to procure results.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021


“And you who have no money, Come, buy and eat. Yes, come, buy wine and milk Without money and without price.”

Ever stumbled on the above scripture? My guess is, if you have, a lot of things might have crossed your mind. Such things like; how is it possible to buy without liquid cash? And even if it is a cashless policy of some sort, there must be some kind of payment before such transaction can be successful.

While your thoughts are valid, it is imperative to understand that although we are in this world, as children of God, we dont transact according to the standards of the world.

In this Kingdom, we transact by faith. What this means is that; it is possible to enjoy access to things of eternal value and even material things without liquid cash. (More on this as we proceed)

Embracing our reality as children of God is how we can access this order of result. Furthermore, embracing our reality is acknowledging that in God, procurement without liquid cash is a possibility. 

As we explore the subject of Faith in the coming weeks, I believe that God would clear every ambiguity around the subject of faith in Jesus name. (Amen)
I am glad you made it to the month of June.

To be continued…

Scriptural Reference: Isaiah 55:1

Please Say This Prayer by Faith: Father, open my understanding to the operations of faith in Jesus name.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021


I won’t conclude this without revisiting the story of the gentle man Commander earlier sighted.

And while we might conclude that Naaman underestimated the power of God, I believe we should look closely and decide how often we imply something similar by our actions.

If I would be honest, I have implied something similar more than once in my life. However, the good part is, there is nothing to be ashamed about because afterall, the best of man is still man. Plus the walk of faith is proceedural because nobody fully grasps all of God, His workings and dynamics in a single day.

Till that day, Naaman never really saw the possibility of a miracle from a river that wasn’t fancy. I contend that he must have washed in many fancy rivers prior to the day that Elisha instructed him to do so seven times in Jordan. A river that was nothing close to fancy at least in his estimation.

It was only logical that his mind kicked in because in that instance, that action looked like a waste of time plus an embarassment. What he did not realise was that; the best of God would never be accessed when pursued from a logical standpoint.

As we round this up, I am hoping this piece plays a role similar to the one that young maid servant played in Naaman’s story that positioned him to receive his miracle. But for this to happen, we must embrace this truth; until our minds are subject to the Spirit, accepting the possibilities that exists in God, becomes impossible. And consequently, many stones remain unturned.

The End.

Scriptural Reference: II Kings 5:1-14

Please Say These Prayer By Faith: Oh Lord, by all means, help my mind to be compliant to your processes enough to pave way for a miracle in Jesus name.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021


How many times have we looked at situations logically and after weighing the variables, conclude that; whatever couldn’t have happened in that space, is not likely to happen or is not the will of God?

If you have, then you just might be able to relate with “the Lazarus Situation” in John 11. The interesting part is being able to relate with what happened with Lazarus should awake us to the reality that; God is able to turn just about any situation around. There is more, He is also able to navigate through difficult and uncertain variables.

It is funny how although we have walked with God for a while, sometimes, certain situation still has the capacity to rattle us. Well, this is not unique to us as leading to that point, Mary and Martha had closley followed Jesus and were familiar with His healing ministry. However, when Lazarus passed on, all they could see was a situation that didn’t fit the profile of the Jesus they knew.

Then came the ice breaker, “roll away the stone” was Jesus’ instruction and they were astonished. Who wouldn’t?

What they did not realise is the fact that; rolling away the stone was symbolic of a preparation of the mind for a miracle. Similarly, until we roll away every impedement to a miracle in our minds, we never would be able to acess all that is available in God.

For you, your stone could be your location, gender, age, the colour of your skin, past miracles,  your physical appearance or such like. However, God is saying; “let go of those limiting thoughts so that you can enjoy all that is available in Me.”

Worthy of mention is the fact that preparing your mind to receive begins with a ceaseless interfacing with God’s Word, God’s Spirit, the testimonies of others and mind renewing materials (books, tapes etc.)

To be continued…

Scriptural Reference: John 11:32-43

Please say this prayer by faith: Father, help me identify everything obstructing my miracles and empower me to deal decisively with them in Jesus name.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021