For every person that has a glorious today, a closer look would doubtless reveal a very humble yesterday, categorized with many events that are usually unpleasant. While it is good to listen to people and be motivated, it is even wiser to be discerning to see beyond whatever is said on the surface.

For every glory, there is always a journey, and no man under God can skip this order. All the words of encouragement on how we must “THINK BIG” etc. would only bear good fruits if we “THINK BIG” but are patient, diligent and persistent enough to work through the simple phases of life. The combination of These simple phases would always culminate into a mature testimony.
On the journey to our promise land, we must understand that it is never a function of some of the mundane things the world pays attention to, all in a bid to establish some kind of class structure. It is pivotal that we understood that, we are not on a quest to impress anyone nor are we in competition. Everyone has a race to run and every race has its peculiar starting point which is always simple.
©️Victor Moses. O


A common posture man easily succumbs to, is seeing glorious results in the lives of others and in the guise of claiming by faith, forget that God is still a God of order who honors principles uncompromisingly.

Have we ever recalled particularly when we begin to covet things, that perhaps we are unable to handle without hiccups the fact that Jesus was first a child before He become a man? Do we call to remembrance where necessary, that Jesus had to go through a shameful process, died only to resurrect three days after before He could seal the redemption of man in what remains an unmatched divine strategy?
While God’s expected end for us, is such that is sophisticated and filled with splendor, it is not attained suddenly but is a combination of simple stages coming together to produce the actual sophistication.
To be continued…
©️Victor Moses. O


Ever wondered why the rendering of that scripture was such that painted a vivid picture of how we should not despise the days of little beginnings? In other words, days of smallness and simplicity should not be considered a disadvantage nor lightly esteemed.

The desire to have everything sophisticated almost the very moment it commences, among other things, defeats the scripture “do not despise the days of little beginning”. It doubtless also defeats the principle of seed time and harvest.

To wrap this up in an article would not do justice to the topic. Before I delve into other angles to the discuss by God’s inspiration, I believe I should remind us that “Nothing glamorous suddenly happens except in the movies”. Before the results around our lives becomes sophisticated, we must first understand how to effectively handle the simple things God by grace gives us access to.

To be continued…
©️Victor Moses. O


In this final installment I would beam the light on the issue of the fear of God. Among several examples from scriptures that comes to heart, one that always stands out is the one from the life of Joseph and how he refused to lay with Potiphar’s wife despite the surface advantage it logically presents.

Joseph had this to say “ How then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?” This statement is so loaded that if we decide to dissect it, we won’t be able to wrap up this series anytime soon. However, it is worthy of note that Joseph considered God’s nature and what pleased Him with respect to the Potiphar’s wife offer. A posture that clearly points to the fear of God and we all must take a cue from.
This “chop, clean mouth” (pretense, deceit and double standard) mentality is not of God, neither does it in any way portray a life lived with eternity in view. The standard of God is sure, it behoves us, to live everyday of our lives reliant on the finished work of Christ on the cross which among other things, is demonstrated in the fruit our lives produces. Eternity in heaven is major, we must therefore trust God and refuse to allow temporal pleasures or any other thing for that matter deprive us of.
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Another thing that shocks me although I think it is no news, is how Christian values and virtues have gradually taken a downward slope especially in recent times. The Bible is clear on the fact that perilous times shall come and I believe we know how the narrative of that Scripture ended.
Just reflecting this past week, I discovered, that It would be twenty years this year that I gave my life to Christ. Interestingly, I also got baptized in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues two decades ago. While this journey has been filled with ups and downs, I make bold to say, with all sense of humility that IF THE ONLY benefit of salvation is materialism, fame, and the likes, then this whole journey might be difficult to be labeled as worthwhile.
But PRAISE BE TO GOD, an assurance of an eternity with Christ, in that beautiful home above remains the chiefest benefit of Salvation. To this end, we are expected to live every single day of our lives with the consciousness that while we would make the best of our stay here on earth and perhaps get famous in the process, we must NEVER START ACTING AS THOUGH THE EARTH IS OUR PERMANENT HOME.
To be continued…
©️Victor Moses. O


It is true that we have a covenant of long life and nobody prays to die in his/her prime. Another thing that is true is that every now and then, the announcement of somebody going home to be with the Lord (at least to the best of our knowledge since the person was a Christian) is almost a constant in the world we live in.

For instance, 26th of this month, it would be exactly twenty years since my biological father went home to be with the Lord. A passionate, loving, selfless and God fearing man. But unannounced, he went home to be with the Lord (A story for another day). The point however is whether we live till we are a hundred and twenty years or not, the onus lies upon us to live everyday of our lives with eternity in view.
Living with eternity in view among other things which the next installment of this series would cover by His Grace would revolve around living our lives in the fear of God, living our lives with the knowledge that we are here only for a while and no matter how long or short we would eventually head home in God’s time. It is only puzzling that many times than not, we get to a certain point in our lives, when we start acting like all we are, all we have achieved or acquired is all that our journey is about. The conclusion of our journey here on earth no matter when or what pattern it takes, is inevitable. So the question is; How are we living our lives?
To be continued…
©️Victor Moses. O


There is a frenzy that accompanies hearing from God, at least I know from experience. But the days that follows where you have to contend, so to say for what you have heard is a different ball game altogether.

I dont know how Papa Noah did it but I believe that his actions one hundred and twenty years before the flood(God’s promise) came explained one of the reasons why God found only him as a just man in His generation.

This brings me to present day and the many things, mockery inclusive that we have to contend with as we choose the path of faith. Trust me if we are truly walking in faith there are times when the reality on ground might suggest that we are simply wasting our time.

It is however for such times, that this encouragement is coming to us. We must remember that: “An athlete on a marathon who decides to stop running in the final lap, exempts himself from the opportunity to receive the applaud that accompanies reaching the finish line.

No action triggered by faith no matter the voice of discouragement, mockery, insufficience among others is an effort in futility.
Forge ahead in Faith!

©️Victor Moses.O


Waiting, especially when it is for too long (at least based on human standard and timing) wearies. One understanding we must have particularly when we seem to have reached this point in the journey of our lives, is the fact that our waiting for long, is not as a result of God’s weakness, but essentially that there be a manifestation of the things He has been working out for our good behind the scenes.

As of the time God had that conversation about rainfall with Noah, it was a new concept. As a matter of fact, whatever God promises today has some relatable precedence and no matter what it is He has promised, He is able to perform. Although ours might be slightly modified, doubtless, God knows how to make it happen.

We would not have to wait a hundred and twenty years like Noah did before the rain comes, but everyday we hold on in faith for the manifestation of what God has promised, actually counts for something.

To be continued…

©️Victor Moses. O


“Rain” comes with a certain dimension of freshness and with it comes fruitfulness because crops can’t survive without it. Well… we know that, however the same was not the case for Noah when God spoke about rainfall. I would leave the ark issue for an appointed time. For now let’s focus on the rainfall part of the instruction.

God had a conversation with Noah which suggested that water was going to drop from heaven in form of shower and this for a sustained period of time enough to cause a flood that would erase the entire human race with Noah and His entire household as privileged exceptions.

Even for me who knows how the story ended, I am still trying to understand how Noah would believe God enough to set out in building an ark. The number of years he spent building the ark is another discussion for later. So let’s consider the variables in the light of our lives today:

1. That God is perhaps asking us to believe the logically impossible.

2. That God’s instructions perhaps negates reasoning

3. That God’s instruction sometimes sets us against the world around us.

4. That God’s instruction is likely to appear far-reaching.

Trust me, the list is endless but all in the same direction with the ones highlighted above. The twist is, believing in God would always appear from the lens of logic as an effort in futility, only with a follow through do we discover that: NO ATTEMPT TO OBEY GOD’S INSTRUCTION IS AN EFFORT IN FUTILITY.

To be continued…

©️Victor Moses. O


“So democracy does not work for you when you are not winning?” These lines has stayed with me since I first heard it in a movie.

And it comes back to describe what we see almost everywhere we look today. Make no mistake, this is not in anyway connected to politics but rather to principles of scriptures and how our lives as believers should be a reflection of these principles.

Sadly, so many teachings on holiness, righteousness, honor, love, Godliness to mention but a few. Yet very little is actually seen in our lives when our lives are checked behind the scene and atimes in public glear.

I am trying to imagine what our every action would read if placed on a “Motiveometer”!

Although it is not a surprise as we are in perilous times as described by scriptures, however, we were positioned in the world to make a difference so the question is, to what extent are we doing that in reality?

In my young life, I have seen people preach one thing with floorless delivery, but when we look closely, they live the exact opposite and I am not talking about weaknesses we have here and there as humans which we ultimately trust God for grace on as we work towards perfection.

Ultimately, we claim to believe one thing only to turn around and subtly do the opposite particularly when the tables are not turning in our favor.

Enough of this back and forth, we must begin to walk the talk!

©️ Victor Moses. O