Christianity of Convenience 2

I don’t know if you gave the question on your motive for following Christ any thought, but I advice you do.

It is important to re-visit your motive for following Christ because the journey through life even as a believer isn’t a roller coaster.
One of the challenges experienced by the body of Christ today is that of, if I might borrow the term, “bread and butter christianity”-convenience.

This does not suggest that we must suffer as believers. Rather, it is to present the fact that walking with God is most productive when storms are weathered.

You see, Christ remains our prime example in Christendom and it wasn’t a roller coaster for Him. Yet, He had this testimony, He didn’t drop the ball.

Question is, after all said and done, can the same be said about us?


To be continued.

Scriptural References: Mathew 16: 24-26; Hebrews 4:15

Prayer: Father, grant me the grace to not drop the ball, no matter what in Jesus’ name.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021

Christianity of Convenience 1

The lyrics from a song I consider a classic comes to heart.

How about some reflection.

I have decided to follow Jesus (3ce)
No turning back, no turnng back.

So, the first question; is your resolve to pursue after Jesus, absolute and non-negotiable? This question is especially relevant in the face of uncertainties.

Although Christianity is not about stuffs, the world we live is such where material things is often times perceived as the first proof of Christianity. And in an event where it appears like the chips are down, all manner of speculation is what you get.

A followup question seems relevant at this point, is material things and convenience the reason why we follow Christ and if not, what is?


To be continued.

Scriptural Reference: Mathew 16: 24-26

Prayer: Father, may nothing shift my gaze away from you in Jesus’ name.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021

Speak Life 3

To speak life in the face of challenges, is a choice, one that must be made intentionally.

Here are a few things the story of Jabez earlier cited highlights:

1. Although he was more honourable than his brethren, he was disadvantaged because the seed of a negative word was at work.
2. Words are like seeds only that in this instance, they grow regardless of circumstance.
3. Positive words are the antidote to negative words.
4. You see what you say.

As children of God, we can’t afford to release words out of anger, hurt, displeasure, excitement and the likes.
If I might borrow from a wise saying, “Words are like eggs, once broken, they can’t be recovered”.

If we decide to be sentimental, then Jabez’s Mother’s pronouncement would be justified, afterall,  she was in pain. Unfortunately, the reality is, her words altered a glorious destiny.

But praise God, Jabez knew to approach the matter from a superior standpoint. He cried to God, speaking exactly what he desired to see and a miracle was birthed.

Beloved, you too can refuse to be sentimental or emotional with words. It’s about time we started speaking exactly what we desire riding on the strength of God’s Word.

Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones is a great place to land this. Although, it was logically a dead situation, he spoke life and an exceeding great army emerged. 
Beloved, greatness, glory and splendour can be your reality, you just need to speak life for a change.

The end.

Scriptural References: I Chronicles 4:9-10; Ezekiel 37:1-10

Prayer: Father, may every negative condition in my life as a result of words be reversed in Jesus’ name.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021


While I understand how difficult it could be to make positive declarations in the face of undesirable situations, it doesn’t excuse our action.

It is interesting how negative declarations regardless of circumstance are powerful. This explains why the bible admonishes that we shouldn’t be careless with our words, only to argue that it was a joke or it was as a result of an unpleasant circumstance.

Unfortunately, Jabez experienced firsthand the impact of negative declaration when his mother because of the excruciating pains that surrounded his birth, spoke destiny altering words into his life. But praise God, he did not sit back and do nothing (more on this later).

Beloved, what is your reality and what words are you speaking?

I reckon that as humans, our default is to speak base on logic. However, God expects us to operate from a superior standpoint-the standpoint of who we are in Christ.

We cannot afford to be ignorant of the power of the tongue.

We must refuse to be led by emotions because as God’s children, our cue MUST be taken from the Spirit of God and the Word of God.

To be continued…

Scriptural References: I Chronicles 4:9; Ecclesiastes 5:6-7

Prayer: Father, please grant me the discipline and discernment to declare only that which is in sync with your agenda for me in Jesus’ name.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021

Speak Life (Part 1)

The bible is replete with instances of how powerful the tongue is and, the blessings or otherwise that manifest as a result of its use.

While it is true that their are other ingredients that are necessary for propelling a life, “Words” fall under the category I would like to refer to as “Non-negotiable”.

What beats me, is how children of darkness, seldom undermine the power of words. Yet, every now and then, children of Light, are often naive or at best civil with how they engage Words.
All in a bid to practice what is otherwise known as modern day Christianity. And as a result, many have permitted just too many ungodly activities around their lives.

This posture, has made it increasingly difficult to differentiate between children of light and others. Sadly, this is far from God’s desire for His children.

There are many dimensions I perceive this series would take and, it is my prayer that God would not only open our understanding, but He would set us on a new trajectory as a result of this series in Jesus’ name.

Welcome to September, may your strength be renewed in Jesus’ name.

To be continued 

Scriptural Reference: Proverbs 18:21

Prayer: Father,  open my eyes to the power of my tongue and grant me the required discipline to engage in Jesus’ name.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021


Wisdom For Living
30th August 2021


To be honest, this series has been a huge source of encouragement to me since it began. And I hope you can say the same.

One of the things that beats me about the dealings of God is how in the middle of challenges, we can’t fully comprehend why such is relevant.

Put differently, seeing God in the storm is difficult. This because we draw conclusions based on our realities instead of drawing from God’s superior standpoint.

The testimonies of Daniel, Joseph, King Hezekiah to mention but a few proves beyond reasonable doubt that most times, the moves of God are best appreciated with the benefit of hindset.

So the intelligent question would be, how does this hindsight thing help, since as men, it is easier to judge based on our realities?

I believe the first place to begin is to, learn the principle of ABSOLUTE DEPENDENCE on the God that you had entrusted your life to.

Absolute Dependence on God is why Daniel didn’t grumble when he was thrown into the Den of Lions, Joseph didn’t throw a pity party when he was wrongfully sold into slavery and Hezekiah did not throw in the towel when he was harassed and humiliated by the Assyrians.

I reckon that trusting God when the odds appears stacked gainst us, is not a walk in the park. However, I also know without a shadow of doubt that after all is said and done, God never mismanages our lives.

Matter of fact, He is too faithful to fail and He is always on time.

The end

Scriptural References: Daniel 6:1-23; Genesis 39:1-6; Isaiah 36 & 37

Prayer: Father, I receive grace to trust You even when it does not make sense in Jesus’ name.(Amen)

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021


One of the things that intrigues me about God, is He does not need anyone to defend Him. Perhaps you are wondering how so? You would agree that no man can possibly defend God’s action. At best, every man can only talk about God to the degree that such has encountered Him.

This is the reason why for instance, the question of why a believer should experience hardships, challenges and so on, might not be best responded to by a third party. I use the term “third party” because every individual has a unique walk with God. Not only that, such walk involves a unique pathway. One that leads to an expected end.

That said, the testimony of the journey of Father Abraham clearly highlights one significant truth about God-He is never late.

I reckon that this is something we struggle with especially in the times we live in, where people prefer quick fixes. Consequently, when challenges don’t disappear in the snap of a finger, many toy with the possibility that God is late.
Interestingly, God’s dealings with several people through scriptures is proof that “quick fixes” especially from a logical standpoint, is not how He operates. Am I suggesting that God’s response is not instant? Of course not, what I am saying is, God responds to every challenge based on His understanding of what is necessary for where such an individual is headed.

I must confess that, this cannot be unpacked in this piece but here is perhaps a good place to land this. 

Although the time it took Abraham to have Isaac from a logical standpoint was a long and frustrating one, Isaac came forth at THE SET TIME. The timing of His arrival was so perfect that Abraham had attained the maturity required to handle the level of obedience, discernment and sacrifice that His relationship with God required.

How he eventually sacrificed Isaac (a very significant and symbolic move) and how he approached the selection process of a wife for His son attests to His maturity and character.

To be continued…

Scriptural References: Genesis 12:1-3; Genesis 21:1-3; Genesis 22:1-12

Prayer: Father, may I never be defeated by the challenges of life in Jesus’ name.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021


Have you ever taken a closer look at Jesus’ response to His disciples when they asked Him about something that could be best referred to as a promise that they had expected all their lives?

I believe they must have waited for the manifestation of that promise to no avail. Then when Jesus began to speak about the Holy Spirit, as fascinating as that sounded, they were like; “what a minute, would the restoration of the Kingdom to Israel also happen at this time?”

Their question was largely born out of what they considered proof of answered prayer. However, this was Jesus’ response; “And He said to them, It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority.”

What Jesus was saying was; guys, leave the matters of “when” to God the Father because if there is anything you must know, it is the fact that ONLY He, has the authority to decide “when” whatever He promises would play out. And it is imperative to understand that He is always accurate when it comes to delivery.

In many ways, it is easy for us to just like the disciples ask God; but when would all the beautiful promises You made to us play out? But God is saying to us; relax, focus on what I am doing now, and be grateful because that which you ask for, I am determined to do at something referred to as the APPOINTED TIME!

Be encouraged, God had programmed the day  of your manifestation even before you were created. However, there are pathways He requires everyone to pass through, pathways that are necessary for our final destination. 

It’s time to approach life with the understanding that God knows what He is doing and He has it well laid out.

To be continued…

Scriptural Reference: Acts 1:7

Prayer: Father, I choose to trust your timing for my life.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021


“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

As simple as this scripture sounds, it is proof that God is intentional about us.
One of the reasons most people get discouraged, is the assumption that; the absence of a desired result, at any given time, suggests that God does not care about them.

The funny thing is, many believers and non believers alike, judge God faithful from the human standard of time. This is innocently done ignoring the fact that; among other reasons, God exist in eternity and a thousand years is like a day before Him.

A careful look at God’s dealings with different people, at different times through scriptures, validates the fact that God’s intentionality about an individual, is why He tailors such an individual’s life to fit into the Script He has for that individual. 

The challenge with this is, an unsuspecting man can interpret this as neglet. When in fact, God has something big in line with His agenda waiting for that man.

It is necessary to appreciate the fact that some times, something immediate like an answer to a specific prayer, can jeopardize the bigger picture.

I reckon that unmet expectations especially for a lover of God can be excruciatingly painful. I know this because I have experienced this countless times in my journey with God.

However, operating from the understanding that God is intentional, is how we draw the required strength to follow through with our process enough to reach our land of promise, which by the way is guaranteed.

To be continued…

Scriptural Reference: Jeremiah 29:11
Prayer: Lord, even when I don’t know what you are up to, give me the strength to stay on course.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021


Two years ago, someone who I had just met, asked me a question I believe most of us are likely to ask in the face of challenges. She asked how I would respond to someone  battling with lots of difficulties despite being a Christian.

My response to her forms the basis for this conversation and by His grace, it would be unravelled as we go.

I don’t mean to do the religious cliche thing but truth is, I sensed God drop this subject in my heart as I trusted Him for what our next discussion should be. So I believe that, He wants to point us in the direction of the wisdom needed to navigate through life as the Victors that we are.

If I might go ahead of myself, then I would say, that when it comes to the question of “when”, it is important to understand that God is among other things;
1. Intentional about us. 2. Owns times and seasons in His hands.3. Is never late. 4. Sometimes, best appreciated with the benefit of hindsight.

As I welcome you to the month of August, I trust that God would lift us beyond our wildest imaginations this month and beyond in Jesus name.

To be continued 

Scriptural Reference: Ecclesiastes 3:11

Prayer: Father, help me to trust You even when it is not convenient in Jesus name.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021