Have you ever received an incline to make a move or carryout a task that would make a significant difference; but somewhere along the line, you subject your decision to the lenses of logic, dogmas, religion and the likes that you eventually discarded it? 

Well, I have and I am guessing that you also answered in the affirmative. So if I might ask, how did that turn out? 
While you give my question some thought, let’s take a peep into the life of someone whose mind almost hindered his miracle. 

I am talking about the gentle man that was a Commander in the Syrian army and was also leprous. Funny thing is on the day he was to get his miracle, his mind played the status and dignity game on him that he almost threw away his chance. Fortunately, a young Hebrew girl was close enough to guide his mind in direction of his miracle.

To be frank, unless we deal decisively with our minds, there are many miracles that although heaven had ordained for us, we would be unable to possess.

Just before I draw our attention to other things as it pertains to our mind and posturing to receive a miracle, I recommend we all took some time to ponder on our lives at this time, then decide if our posture is such that makes it possible for miracles to be birthed.

To be continued…

Scriptural Reference: II Kings 5:1-19

Please Say These Prayer: Father, please help my posture to be one that paves way for miracles.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021 


I have come to realize that the subject of the mind is critical to walking with God.

And while this cannot be over emphasized, often times, it is neglected howbeit unintentionally. 

Take for instance, how easily posturing for miracles have become almost very difficult in the times we live. I am talking about how it has become normal for logic to prevail over the possibility of a miracle.

Let me quickly point that the nature of God is such that always give room for man to make a choice. And when it comes to being recipients of miracles, the principle is the same. 

This is why severally through scriptures, the mind of the man is first addressed in order to pave way for miracles.

It is my utmost desire that this series would bring our minds to a great place. And by this I mean a place where we are able to receive and posture to enjoy all that God is capable of doing in our lives in Jesus name.

I am grateful to God that we made it to the month of May 2021.

To be Continued

Scriptural Reference: Romans 12:1-2

Please Say This Prayer By Faith : Father, may my mind never hinder my miracles in Jesus name.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021

There Is A Reward 4!

When it comes to the issue of reward, one person’s story that really fascinates me is that of Ruth.

The tricky part is the many dimensions to that story. First, there is the part where one can takes a wild guess that; perhaps Naomi was a remarkable Mother in-law such that when the chips were down, the wives of her late sons had no issue sticking with her. (A story for another day)

However, let’s focus on how Ruth hung on after Orpah left despite Naomi’s counsel that they moved on.

To be honest, It doesn’t make logical sense to continue to follow someone without anything tangible in view.
On a lighter note, what we have heard is that only people with a sense of direction or prospect should be followed. Interestingly, Naomi didn’t quite fit this profile when Ruth followed her.

Then somewhere along the line, the God who rewards based on motive showed up and the rest as they say is history.
Beloved, what are you committed to out of a pure heart that seems illogical? Is it a pursuit or a person? Whatever it is, rest assured that God is taking stocks and He would give you your reward in due season. 

Just in case you are wondering how I know; His infallible Word guarantees it; “And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work. 
All you need to do is believe and run with this consciousness.

The End.

Scriptural References: Ruth 1&2; Revelations 22:12

Please Say This Prayer by Faith: Father may I never be tired of standing for righteousness always.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021 


Have you ever wondered why it appears as though God doesn’t  instantly reward wickedness? While I leave you to ponder on this, remember that; God does not delight in the death of sinners. What He desires is for all to come to repentance.

However, there is also the part where as believers we have a responsibility to keep watch in the place of prayers to ensure that wickedness does not thrive around us (more on this another day)

Suffice to mention that; the several places through scriptures were God expressly declared how severely wickedness would be dealt with weren’t empty threats. How He dealt with Jezebel, the Pharoah that knew not Joseph, the Philistines on several occasions and the many instances you have heard of, or experienced is proof that God doesn’t handle wickedness lightly.

So the question is; are we transacting in wickedness? The truth is; there is no such thing as neutrality when it comes to wickedness. You are either wicked or righteous. And the fastest way to test wickedness is how you would feel if the same thing you said or did to someone else is done to you. 

Beloved, it is true that; the heart of man is wicked, but the moment we gave our lives to Christ, something was supposed to change.

Remember, every thing we do either good or bad gets rewarded. It is therefore wisdom to choose the path of righteousness always.

To be continued…

Scriptural References: Proverbs 11:31; Psalm 7:11

Kindly say this prayer by faith: Father I receive grace to pursue after righteousness always.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021

There Is A Reward 2!

Jezebel must have been having a great time just being in charge. 

She was dreaded by all. She massacred God’s Prophets and then vowed to kill Elijah the powerful man of God. And for a moment there, this man of God  bowed to the voice of fear that reminded him that Jezebel wasn’t someone to make empty treats. 
Before you know what was happening, the great Prophet was on the run because of this woman.

I find it puzzling as I figure you might that; God would do nothing instant to prove to Jezebel that He wasn’t joking when He said; touch not my anointed and do my Prophet no harm”.

At another time, Jezebel had given the counsel as well as plotted the coup that eliminated Naboth. And as a result, her husband took possession of a land which was rightfully Naboth’s. 

Again, God did not strike her down instantly as we would have desired especially for someone that has demonstrated that level of wickedness.
Little did we know that God was determined to reward Jebezel for all her actions; only that God isn’t One to respond based on emotions. His response is always based on His divine agenda which is always in sync with His timing.

Just incase you don’t know, Jezebel died a most shameful and painful death and as influential as she thought she was, she never got the royal burial.
Beloved, God recompenses both good and evil  and no matter how long it appears, His track record is such that points in one direction; HE IS ALWAYS ON TIME!

To be continued.

Scriptural References;  I Kings 18:3-4; I Kings 21:1-16; II Kings 9:30-37

Kindly Say This Prayer by Faith; Father help me to always remember that You are never late.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021 

There Is A Reward 1!

One of the most common questions in the heart of believers is that of “when?”

This is what I mean; questions like; when would this and that happen?, when would I get a recompense?, when would I get the benefit for standing for what is right? and so on. 

And every once in a while, we take it a step higher with the question; when would the wicked get punished?
And before thoughts of whether or not I am Spiritual cross your mind, a moment of reflection and you are likely to agree that something similar has crossed your mind before. And if this is true then it means it is human to probe and it is not out of place unless such probing pushes you into compromising your Faith.

That said, it is imperative to recognise that; there is always a reward for both good and evil. And before you ask me why it sometimes takes eternity to happen, here is what I have discovered; it eventually happens.

People like Joseph, David, Ruth, and a host of others like them are proof of the fact that; people get rewarded for acts of righteousness. And the likes of Herod, Pharoah, Jezebel and others like them are proof that wickedness equally gets rewarded.

To Be Continued

Scriptural Reference: Proverbs 10:7

Kindly Say These Words of Prayer by Faith: Father help my heart to trust in You even when it does not look like it in Jesus name.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021 

Don’t Be Tired 5!

There is perhaps no better way to land this than the very place where it all started. Only that this time, I would be making reference to the line of the song that says; “God understands and it shall be well”.

To be candid,situations that has the potential to make us tired would always play out every once in a while.

However, we must never allow ourselves to be beaten by our challenges to the extent that; we refuse to learn the lessons that God wants us to learn, refuse to gain the perspective that He wants us to gain and refuse to fulfil the purpose tied to such challenge.

Recall, that the great Prophet Elijah obviously had his fair share of challenges. Even for him, it got so bad that at some point, he asked God to take his life. As far as he was concerned, ending his life was his ticket out of his challenges but he was wrong. And God did not respond to that request.

However, it got better when his perspective changed and he ended up walking in closer proximity with God. Such that he never experienced death at the end of the day because he was caught up into heaven alive!

Beloved, God is sending this your way to encourage you and also remind you that; He is aware and truly on top of that matter especially when it does not appear so.

All those challeges are without a doubt tailored to bring to the surface the best version of you and ultimately position your life to bring glory to the name of God.

Therefore; refuse to be tired, trust God and step out like a Victor!
The end.

Scriptural Reference: Jeremiah 29:11; II King 2:1;11-12

Please Say These Words of Prayer by Faith: Father help me to live life like a Victor just as you have ordained in Jesus name. (Amen)

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021 


Just incase you are in doubt about whether or not God has anything to do with some of the challenges you are experiencing, please be reminded that; He is Alpha and Omega.
What this means is; He is fully aware of the events that plays out in-between the beginning of a journey and its end.

However, this does not mean that God is the initiator of your challenges but it points largely to the fact that; He often times permits challenges that would equip us for His desired end(Greatness that brings Glory to His name).

Just so I don’t complicate matters; recall that it was not God that threatened to kill Elijah, it was Jezebel. However, among other things, God allowed that event so Elijah would develop a better perspective in His approach to Him, discover that He was not alone in His commitment to God and position Elijah to play a crucial role in setting the stage for God’s future plan for His people.

Beloved, God is too intentional to allow just about anything play-out in our lives especial when such plays no role in bringing about the finished product He desires.

To be continued…

Scriptural Reference: Isaiah 46:9-10; I Kings 19:1-18

Please Say These Words of Prayer by Faith: Father please help me to make the best of every path you take me through in Jesus name.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021 

Don’t Be Tired 3!

Elijah’s encounter with God (at a time when he was literarily frustrated with his situation) changed his narrative and ultimately determined how his story ended.

Difficult as this looks, it must mean that all the while, there was a need for those frustrating situations to play out; so that Elijah would come to appreciate the assignment God had given him. 

Interestingly, that season was also instrumental, in securing the future of an entire generation because God instructed him to anoint men that would carry-on with His(God) agenda long after Elijah was gone.

Beloved, I may not be in a position to relate with all the multi-dimensional nature of challenges that life presents. However, I sure can say I have had my fair share of interesting twists to life in the few days I have spent here. 

And just before I present some of my observations about seemingly tiring situations; let me quickly add that we can’t pray all of them away. This is because one way or the other, they play a vital role in us cutting our teeth for the assignments God designed us for.

I know this might be a hard pill to swallow, so I would allow us to have some “Selah Moment”  and then we can pick this from here next week if Jesus tarries.

To be continued…

Scriptural Reference: I Kings 19:11-18

Please Say These Words of Prayer by Faith: Father, regardless of my circumstance, help me see what you are doing and give me the grace to follow through in Jesus name.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021 

Don’t Be Tired 2!

Have you ever wondered how the great Prophet Elijah found himself in that space where all he could say to God was something that sounded like; “This challenge is unique to me”?

I take it we are familiar with this story but a little run through would help us put things in proper perspective.

Elijah had done nothing but brought glory to the name of God from the get-go. In fact if you ask me, I would say apart from the fact that he carried an unction from above, he had a very strong personality. And could be refered to as a very bold and audacious individual.

However, despite this combination of graces, Elijah got to a point where he got really tired and all he could think of was; “Nobody is having it as hard as I am having it”.

How many times have we found ourselves in similarly frustrating situations and all we desired is how somebody could with the snap of a finger make everything go away?

Truth is, many times than not, that is not have it works. However, what makes the difference is a determination to press into God because when we do, something changes about our approach that ultimately takes away what looks like a reproach.

To be continued…

Scriptural Reference: I Kings 19:1-10

Please Say These Words of Prayer by Faith: Father, regardless of where I find myself, help me approach with the correct perspective.

©️Victor Ogungbe 2021